Game Review: Disneyland Kinect

Call me old-fashioned, but I am still in awe of today’s (or even yesterday’s) technology. That we can play games with our whole body as controller still blows my mind. I grew up with games, so it’s not like it’s such an innovative idea, but it’s just so much fun! I’m a couch potato when it comes to sports (I like long walks…), but Kinect really got me sweating. Seems like I found my daily workout. Well not daily, you know, but occasional. One of the best games for Kinect in my opinion is Kinect Disneyland Adventures. I might be slightly biased here, but let me try and convince you.

Disneyland Castle

The one and only Disney skyline

I won’t be going into the Disneyland and me history in this post. I will do it in one of my travel posts on proper Disneyland (Paris). So, what is Kinect Disneyland Adventures? It’s an interactive, digital Park visit to Disneyland with a great number of minigames and quests to solve. All this is lovingly detailed and feels completely immersive. If you want to, you can really lose yourself in the fabulous, magical, cheesy Disney world. I think the best thing for previous Disneyland visitors: It really takes you back to that special place and brings back all those happy memories. On the other hand, I understand if you are not into Disney. Also watch this space for an article about “Disneyland for Scrooges”. Just to let you know: I am aware Disney isn’t all cuddles and hugs.

Still, the game IS exactly that. If you love the films and characters you will love this game. Throughout the Park you will find many Disney characters and most of them will have a task or two for you. You can also interact with them, for example hug them, dance with them or even get an autograph! So you see: All cuddles and hugs. But that’s what makes the game great. It’s definitely for children, but also for the whole family. Or just your own grown up self. That’s okay. I’m one of you. The characters aren’t all, though. There are also plenty of minigames to choose from, which have been placed into the favourite Disneyland attractions like Big Thunder Mountain or Pirates of the Caribbean.

Big Thunder Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain – the REAL thing

The minigames are so varied and all have their own little story. They are thus engaging in themselves and they don’t get boring from attraction to attraction, as it’s always a different kind of game. In one you are paddling down a stream and have to hit crocodiles on the head with your paddle, in another you have to imitate dancing people and in a different one you have to shoot at targets. All of this without a controller. All of this is just you! Jumping up and down, pointing, waving your arms. This really keeps you moving. But you can always choose between more active attractions or the calmer character quests.

When completing different quests you receive special items that you can use on things around the park, like a magic wand to bring the trash cans to life… Erm, okay? Or a space laser to light up lamps around the space. Or a camera that you use to fill you digital photo album. All of these things help you towards completing the game 100%. This also includes getting the gold medal in each of the millions of attractions. So this game can be played casually (maybe children) or played to get 100% (probably more grown up game freak). This guarantees a very long playing time. Trust me. I have run around that digital park for days it seems and I’m still not over 60% or so. It’s tough. But also great fun.

I know I get excited very easily and this game really makes me happy every time I play it. I like to just let my imagination run free and this game can make you feel part of the Disney world, if you allow it. Just put your worries aside and for once let everything be smiles and happiness. It’s a great game for relaxing and letting it go (I’m not even such a Frozen fan, but I had to say it 😉 ). Kinect Disneyland Adventures is a perfect game for the whole family, the casual to the ambitious gamer and it keeps you on your feet and off the sofa. What more do you want? Just this once, believe in the magic and enjoy your time in Disneyland.


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