Knitting is one of those hobbies I never thought I’d have. I was always so impressed (still am!) at how skilled my grandmothers handle knitting needles and how they can create something nice and wearable within seemingly no time at all. So how did I come to enjoy the craft myself?

I tried to learn how to knit from my grandmothers a couple of years ago. They were very patient with me, but I wasn’t patient with myself. It all looked so easy when they did it, but when I touched the wool it seemed to get entangled all over the place. To make a long story short: I gave up and put the knitting needles in a dark box.

What got me started again was actually a very random (and perhaps silly) thing. I watched the (hilarious) Sailor Moon live action series and there is a scene in which the protagonist Sailor Moon is knitting a scarf for her beloved Tuxedo Mask. And this got me thinking: It is a really nice present. A self-knitted scarf is worth so much more than any present money can buy, because you put in a lot of time effort and love. So I decided to pick the needles up again and make a scarf for my fiancé.

This time I used the internet for help. I was so lucky that my grandmothers helped me understand the basics, so that I didn’t have to start from complete scratch. Then I got my wool and knitting needles and off I went. I started with a very easy pattern, just to make sure I would manage until the end. I can’t say I’m a natural, as I had to start all over several times, but I kept it going and managed to finish my present.

While making the scarf I realised that I enjoy the actual process of knitting, not just the result. Since then I have made a scarf for myself, a hat and (more on the silly side) a hat for my plush bat Alfred. I still prefer simple patterns – it shouldn’t be a chore, but an enjoyable pastime.

Despite the sometimes huge amount of work that goes into a knitting piece I don’t find it daunting. The actual process of knitting somehow calms me. You forget about everything else around you and just focus on your piece. It’s easy to put worries aside like this. Also you have something useful at the end of it (hopefully!). Something that’s actually wearable – and you made it yourself!

I love knitting because it relaxes me. I love knitting because it’s a productive hobby. I also love it because it’s one of those “offline” pastimes that get you away from the various screens in your life. While there are a good many things these screens are good for, it’s nice to have a time out once in a while and knitting is a perfect way to spend that little time out.


About Trampoline Nerd

I’m someone who feels at home in the night sky, on the road and inside imagination.
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