Film Review: Back to the Future Trilogy

The Back to the Future films have been with me since my childhood and I can only say that I appreciate them more and more the older I get. At first they were just a bit of fun, then I fully went for the Sci-Fi elements, then I enjoyed the characters even more and at the moment I am just thrilled at the great writing and crafty plotting.

Back to the Future is about scientist Emmet Brown (Christopher Lloyd), who invents a time machine (in a DeLorean), and highschool student Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox), who involuntary ends up travelling back in time. By accident he prevents his parents from falling in love, so his future, his whole existence is threatened. But he finds Emmet Brown in the past and together they set out to accomplish their mission: Bring Marty’s parents together and send Marty back to the future…

That is film one and the story begins to unfold from there. I have watched a few interviews and it seems like the creators only wanted to make one film. It’s funny, because I find that this trilogy gets so many things right in terms of consistency in style, tone and story throughout the three films. And yet they manage to make each film fresh and different. The writing is incredibly clever and you begin to see more and more hints, references and winks the more you watch it. It never gets boring.

I think what makes Back to the Future so successful is that it caters to so many different audiences. It is a Sci-Fi story, but in a way you could also label it Romantic Comedy, Adventure or Highschool Story with a twist. Back to the Future has got so many elements to it, but they fit together seamlessly. For example the whole concept is centred around a time machine and yet the Sci-Fi part isn’t overwhelming. The rules are set down within the first few minutes and that is all you need to know. That makes the films accessible to everyone and I think they really earned their cult status.

The actors do a great job. When I was younger I did not notice that the young people also played their older counterparts. And even now that I know it, I think that most of them are simply great at having multiple roles at once – Biff (Thomas F. Wilson) is amazing! The slapstick humour and spot-on acting create many laugh-out-loud and chuckle moments. Every single time. It’s one of those films where you are already waiting for a specific scene only to laugh again like you did when you first watched it.

I love the Back to the Future Trilogy because it’s fun, fast-paced and incredibly clever. But it doesn’t try to be smart-ass about it – it’s just there for you to appreciate when you see it. Watching the films over and over is actually quite rewarding, as you pick up on more and more references each time you see it. This is one of the films that has been with me since my childhood and has weathered the test of time (even though they got 2015 a little wrong 😀 ). I still enjoy the films like I did when I was a kid and highly recommend this time-travelling adventure to anyone.


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