There are a few things in our lives we take for granted and only learn to appreciate them fully when we look back after some time. Teachers are so important not only in our education, but also in forming the person we are. And while I have always enjoyed school and University and appreciated all the wonderful teachers I have had, only by looking back I see what a huge impact some of them had on my life.

Let’s think about our time in school. You have your classmates, your friends, your family and school is just another part of your life. It’s the backdrop of your life, so to speak. And yes homework and tests are the more unpleasant part of it, but it’s also the crucial founding stone for our education. What you enjoy at school is most likely going to be what you study at University and what you want to pursue a career in. Of course you don’t think so far at the time, but that is the bigger picture you get to see in hindsight. Sometimes our favourite subject is just something we’ve always liked. Sometimes the love for a certain subject is passed on to us by a special teacher.

Teachers who are passionate about their subject and what they teach are truly special guides in your life. Through them you might discover talents you never thought you have or get to see something from a completely new angle. And this can have a huge impact on who you become or where your path leads you in life. And that is something to be grateful for.

Some teachers go way beyond the job description and that is when you know that someone has found their calling. For them it isn’t just a job, it’s their life. And that makes a school a special place: if school is not only the students’ life, but also the teachers’. It is a tough job. Especially for these dedicated and passionate teachers, because there is just no end. But it’s also a rewarding job, I assume. Seeing all those young people grow up to find their way in life.

Having had many incredibly dedicated and talented teachers throughout my life I often have to think of where I would be now without them. From some ways of thinking to big and small decisions: my teachers, their advice and their teachings are always with me. And for that I want to say a hearty Thank You. In hindsight I see how much I really owe them. So keep on teaching and being yourselves!


About Trampoline Nerd

I’m someone who feels at home in the night sky, on the road and inside imagination.
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