Why I like Reading

I remember that reading has always been important to me. When I was younger I didn‘t mind that much what I was reading and read a bit of every genre (in the children’s/ young adult sub-genre that is). But then there came a time when I started to focus on Fantasy and Science-Fiction, later I also added Classics to my reading list. I think this trend started with The Lord of the Rings when I was around 12. Maybe because I realised: There are so many books out there and there is never enough time to read everything. Sadly… So I narrowed my favourite genres down. And while that doesn’t mean I don’t stray from the path from time to time, the majority of what I’m reading falls into those categories.

So what is it about reading that captivates me? Here are some of my ideas what is keeping us all reading.

1) Time Out

A good read should get you so involved that you cannot put it down until you have finished it. That kind of book urges you to make space in your life. So you quickly finish cleaning, have a hurried meal and then sit down with a good cup of tea and the book. You make time in your day to be able to enjoy reading time. Or you might also read it when you are commuting. Usually you just sit and stare out of the window – but to get through that book, you use every single second you got. And that is a nice time out in a way, too.

2) Time for yourself

Books can make you feel less lonely, when there is no one around (or can help you ignore everything around you and make you feel like you are on your own!). While reading out loud is something very nice, it’s also not very common in your adult life, so reading a book means usually time for yourself. And that is a great thing in our busy world! A book makes you focus on the here and now, because you can’t do three things simultaneously when you are reading. Keep calm and read a book!

3) Knowledge

This does not only mean pure knowledge, but also knowing stories and characters. I love learning, so the educational aspect of books plays a part for me as well. There are some books or characters everyone knows and refers to – like Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. I hadn’t read the book until a couple of years ago. But when I did I finally understood what all the fuss was about! So reading a book everyone seems to know (lovely classics) isn’t only an enjoyable read, but also helps your education along.

4) Adventure

Each book is also a very personal experience. Only you have that reaction to what you are reading, only you see exactly these pictures in your head. And you go on a journey with the characters, when you let them take you away. And that sense of excitement is pure magic! Films have exciting stories and characters, too, but they are over in two hours. A book is most probably with you longer and because you read it on your own, it’s a much more intense and personal experience in my opinion. Reading fuels the imagination!

Reading books is exciting in so many ways, but it is also calming and relaxing. And I think that calm excitement about intriguing character journeys makes reading so special. No matter if you are after the funny, dramatic, fantastical, romantic or criminal genre – there is something to captivate everyone’s imagination.


About Trampoline Nerd

I’m someone who feels at home in the night sky, on the road and inside imagination.
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  1. Someone needs to show this this to people who don’t get book lovers! Excellent post 🙂

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