Why I like Travelling

Travelling has been a great part of my life and I still feel at home in different places. And on the road. And it’s actually quite interesting to stop and think about what fascinates me about being on the move and seeing old and new places. Here are some of my reasons for enjoying travelling:

1) Travelling is a true adventure and you don’t even have to go far from home. It’s about leaving well-trodden and well-known paths to explore something new. This can simply be a different road to work or trying out a new walking route in your favourite forest. It is about being spontaneous, which doesn’t mean that you can’t plan at all. You might plan a whole big trip and know your itinerary, but you never know all the small things you will discover and encounter on your way. When my fiancé and I travel we like to walk through little alleys, as opposed to the main road, to get to our destination. It feels like we are getting more acquainted with the city. It’s just much more adventurous to walk and explore the city off the beaten track than just taking the metro, subway or underground.

2) Travelling, no matter if going on short or long journeys, is a special time in our lives. It’s a time when we don’t live our daily lives, but leave our natural environment to go to another place. It doesn’t even have to be the Maledives or a new city, but simply a fresh perspective. New impressions, new experiences, new faces and new places. We will cherish these memories, which is why travelling is such an extraordinary time.

3) Travelling often means having time as well. I’m not talking about the time when we have to rush to get our connection or when we stress about getting to the station in time. This is about the times when we are on the road or walking around a city – and that is all we do. There is nothing else on the agenda – just travelling. And I find that infinitely relaxing. Especially in our modern times, when we can barely find a moment of peace. But I find that peace in travelling. Everything else just doesn’t matter for a little while – isn’t that a perfect getaway?


About Trampoline Nerd

I’m someone who feels at home in the night sky, on the road and inside imagination.
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2 Responses to Why I like Travelling

  1. Kriti says:

    Nicely written 🙂


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