Game Review – Lego Lord of the Rings

I’m a huge fan of Lego games in general and the ones for the bigger consoles (in my case my lovely Xbox 360) are particularly fun and varied. Lego Lord of the Rings is no exception and after giving many precious hours of my life chasing objects in levels and collecting studs, I am still only at 70%. Well, long ways to go yet…

Some people might be put off by the Lego art style. I was before I played my first Lego game. But believe me, that goes quickly. At the latest when you have collected your first Lego stud (like coins in Mario). That little click-e-di-click-clack sound is so addictive! You just collect every single one of them, even if you fight the boss. First things first! And in the end the Lego optics make the game cool on a different level. The graphics don’t have to look realistic, they just have to be of a good quality and work for that kind of art style. And they do so very well in my opinion. Lego also makes the game less serious. It’s about the riddles in the levels and the wry humour.

Lego games are also great in general, as the can be played by casual gamers and more hardcore players. You can’t really die or fail in a Lego game. You have as many attempts as you want. You will just lose studs if you lose all your hearts. But that’s fine. You can complete the story mode within around two days. But then the real challenge begins. If you want 100% you will be playing that game for a very long time! Lego Lord of the Rings has a huge map of Middle-Earth and you can find quests everywhere. You will also need to replay the levels in free play, so you can use all of the characters you have unlocked and not just the ones you have to use in story mode.

What’s particularly cool about Lego Lord of the Rings is that you hear music from the films and other soundeffects non-stop. That makes you want to go to the Shire even more than you already do. But as I said, the map is absolutely massive, so you will be travelling around a good deal. The world is lovingly built and put together and it often becomes apparent that the team knows the films (and books) very well. The game does not become a „loosely based on“, but a „strongly inspired by“ – and that makes it special.

Lego Lord of the Rings is a great addition to the Lego range and I can only recommend this to gamers who like a challenge, but not one that leads to rage quits every other level. It’s definitely something for Lord of the Rings fans, but it always depends on how much adaptation people like. I am perfectly fine with a far-ranging adaptation as game, but I can understand if some people prefer the book to stay a book. Just a note to gamers with other consoles – the Lego games are not the same across all platforms (Xbox is different to Nintendo DS). So if you get a handheld game, don’t expect it to be as massive as the console game (more along the lines of 12 hours).


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