Theatre in the Woods

It’s that time of year again! Autumn is creeping in, the pavements are slippery from the rain and the leaves on usually verdant boughs are slowly turning beautiful shades of gold, rusty red and amber. That’s one of the things I love about autumn. I also always have to remember my time with “Theatre in the Woods” when autumn comes knocking. Stockeld Park up in Wetherby used to have this interactive theatre show for children in October – and I was acting in it for two years.

The show was only on for two days each year (plus a few weeks rehearsal), but the Enchanted Forest, where this special theatre journey for kids took place, has ever since sat in a special place in my heart. It’s a real adventure! Especially when you can go through that beautiful forest at night. The lights, the sounds, the light sculptures – simply magical. Here are some of the pictures I took to give you an impression of the fairy tale scenery.

IMGP2066 IMGP2061 IMGP2062 IMGP2000 IMGP1964 IMGP1976IMGP1984 IMGP1975IMGP1974   IMGP1981  IMGP1967 IMGP1970 IMGP1971 IMGP1978 IMGP2047

The Enchanted Forest isn’t even all. There is a Christmas Shop (originally it was the “Christmas Adventure” after all), a nice café, Santa’s Grotto, an ice skating rink and the option to ski through the Enchanted Forest. I haven’t been back for a few years, but I hope to go this year. Maybe a lot has changed – I will see!


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I’m someone who feels at home in the night sky, on the road and inside imagination.
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