Letter to Pottermore

Like many other people I have been part of Pottermore for many years now and loved exploring the stories again from a new angle. As such I am quite upset at the radical change that has happened on the website just recently. I don’t hate it. I simply don’t understand why it had to completely replace the old platform. Unfortunately the new version does not pull me in any more and doesn’t appeal to me as the old website did. The uniqueness has gone somehow, I’m afraid. I genuinley didn’t think it would upset me this much, but somehow it does… I think I might just ignore the site for half a year and then check back – maybe they just need more time for everything and all will be well again? But still, here is an open letter to Pottermore – maybe you agree with me?

Dear Pottermore Team,

first of all I would like to thank you for your talented, amazing and absolutely charming work over the past few years. It’s been an absolute pleasure to discover the books afresh with Pottermore’s beautiful illustrations, J K Rowling‘s incredibly insightful writing and all of your simply magical ideas. I loved the House Cups, collecting things, earning badges and exploring the lovingly created moments.

Now many people have been upset about the changes at Pottermore and I do have to say that I am among them. It’s not that I don’t see the value of the new site. And it’s certainly not that you lost the passion – it’s still very obvious that everyone at Pottermore loves what they are doing and that’s fantastic! What I just wonder about is: why did you have to discontinue the old website? Surely building up something new doesn’t mean the old has to go, never to return? Is there any particular reason the old website had to go?

Also what I find is that the new website is more like a blog for all things Harry Potter. Yes, it’s still giving us something more than simply reading the books, but mixing in images from the films is new. I love the films just as much and I am completely in favour of adaptations, but one thing I did appreciated about the old Pottermore was that it was a book platform. And exploring the moments was so unique, as it gave us magical illustrations, but never spoiled the imagination. When we read books we see everything in our heads and the old website completely respected that.  This gets lost on the new website as it mixes books and films together. And as I said: I am not against the concept, not at all, I just find it difficult to deal with the complete overhaul from one side of the sprectrum to the other.

As last point I would like to say – and I don’t want it to sound too harsh – that Pottermore has somehow lost its unique spirit. While the site as it is now is a great idea as well and I can see the dedication that is going into it, but somehow anyone can make a similar blog. I really don’t want to sound too negative – no one can make a blog quite like it, especially with J K Rowling‘s special pieces of information. But the actual old Pottermore website was a completely unique platform – something like it exists nowhere else. Something like it actually doesn’t exist anymore! I found it really nice logging in and exploring the stories – it felt like going into a different world. Being part of a House and having a wand did help there as well. It was simply unique. Reading the new website, be it ever so nice, engaging and interesting, is just like reading another blog.

So what I am trying to say is: I am not against the new Pottermore, but I just really want to know why there had to be a replacement and whether there is any chance of bringing the old website back in one shape or another?

Thank you very much for listening and I hope to understand your decision at some point.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication and I wish you all the best for the future of Pottermore – no matter which form that will take.

Thanks a lot


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2 Responses to Letter to Pottermore

  1. I just don’t see why the old one had to go! It was so great! I really hate the new one (sorry). It just seems impossible to navigate and really unfamiliar and impersonal. ;(


    • I feel your pain Carrie… It’s strange that they couldn’t set up the “new Pottermore” as a separate site and instead had to replace the “old Pottermore” completely. I feel like I’m not finding stuff on the new site either and I have stopped looking at it for now. I do miss the old one, which just felt more like Harry Potter and magic…


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