I don’t know why, but there is something special about London. I assume it’s how the past and present come together in that one city. There is a certain buzz about London that makes it so unique. I love visiting London and have already got some favourite spots I like to see again and again (Baker Street Sherlock Holmes Museum shop and the area around the Houses of Parliament). I am sharing some of my favourite pictures from the capital here. A post about sightseeing and what to do in London will follow!

IMG_0409 IMG_5518 IMG_5524  IMG_5542 IMG_5517 IMG_1039IMG_1027 IMG_1069  IMG_2758 IMG_2820 IMG_2799


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I’m someone who feels at home in the night sky, on the road and inside imagination.
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3 Responses to London

  1. Great pictures! I especially like the gate in the top one–so elegant and yet forbidding at the same time. What’s on the other side of it?


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