Great British Bake Off

I love baking! However I always fail on presentation… In the end it doesn’t matter, as it usually tastes nice. But I really don’t have what it takes to create a showstopper. Maybe that’s why I love watching The Great British Bake Off, though. It’s people like you and me – but they have some great talent when it comes to beautiful bakes!

I actually only started watching it “live” this year. I discovered a catch up series earlier this year and enjoyed it so much that I was really looking forward to seeing the actual competition while it was going on. And I could finally do that during the last series. I’m a Flora fan – so many ambitious plans and always beautifully executed! Anyway – I enjoyed being up to date for once 🙂

To the audience it looks really simple, but we can only just imagine the stress and panic of the bakers in the tent. Baking away from home is difficult (I have trouble baking in my parents’ kitchen somtimes and I grew up there!) and it must be so much more nerve-racking when there’s a whole camera team watching you. Oh, and two (more or less) strict judges.

It’s very apparent that Paul and Mary judge “for show”. Paul even more so than Mary, but that’s not always a bad thing. It must just be so horrible for the poor bakers when he stares at them and doesn’t say anything. I wonder if he had to practise that stare 😀 Anyway, what I do like about the judging, though, is that it’s always fair and it is usually quite obvious who will be leaving the tent that week. There are no tactics and no effects for better viewing figures. It’s just about the competition. And that kind of honesty is really lacking in most “competition shows” nowadays.

Another great thing about The Great British Bake Off is obviously the learning factor. There are so many nice bakes, ideas and recipes on the show each time – just great! Having said that, I don’t think I’ve ever tried something at home following a recipe seen on The Bake Off… But I like being inspired by the spices and flavours mentioned and the show has motivated me to try out different bakes. Also you never know when you need to know what a Genoise sponge is or a Millefeuille… I keep telling myself it’s educational 🙂

So all in all, The Great British Bake Off is an enjoyable show and I am just enjoying watching another catch up series at the moment. I admire the bakers’ courage and perseverance and especially their humour and creativity. So for everyone who has participated: Well done and thank you – what a fantastic experience you have had and shared with us! And to all the future bakers in the iconic tent: Good Luck!




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