Graham Norton Show

The Graham Norton Show is definitely one of my favourite TV shows out there! It’s always interesting, the guests seem relaxed and listening to all of those entertaining and incredible stories is really fun. Graham Norton always seems to have a really good time and so do his guests – and what more should a chat show be?

When I was younger I never really liked chat shows. They were just plain boring to me. Until I discovered the Graham Norton Show 🙂 That must be around 3 years ago and I think I just found a funny clip about an actor (it might have been Daniel Radcliffe and his performance of the Element Song) and as I was intrigued by YouTube’s suggestions I went to see more and more clips and then I was hooked.

Graham Norton can have quite a mean sense  of humour, but he does remain fair and everyone gets the same treatment. He cartainly enjoys his shows and consequently the viewer does as well. He is particularly good at finding out about embarrassing projects stars worked on in the past 😀 The way he interacts with his guests and the fun activities or stories always show more of the actual people behind big roles. And it’s just so nice to see that big stars also have embarrassing anecdotes to share – and most really seem to enjoy it.

Sometimes I watch the show and think “I don’t know any of the guests, it will be boring…” But to date not one episode has failed to entertain me! I find it really interesting to see the people interact (even the biggest Hollywood star is a fan of somebody). And even if there is the odd epidsode where I don’t know the people or not all of them, there is always something about the conversation, the projects the guests promote and the way they talk about everything in the showbusiness, that makes the episode worth watching. Oh, and Graham Norton’s laugh of course 😀

The big red chair is a difficult seat to sit in, though. I would never dare to. People get so exposed there. BUT they know what’s coming, so they will have braced themselves. Also, they do volunteer to tell these stories… Some of them can be very, very cringey. Some do ace it in the end. It can be good fun, but the Red Chair is more of a hit and miss. Oh, and there is music, too 🙂

The Graham Norton show is a great entertainment show and the host really is the heart of the whole thing. You can expect interesting and funny stories from the guests every time and each episode is defintely worth tuning in to. I always watch it on the BBC iPlayer, so if you missed it (it’s on Friday nights), you can easily catch up.




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