Game Review: Lego Marvel Superheroes

I’ve played my fair share of Xbox and Nintendo DS Lego games and this is easily the best one of them (along with the Lego Harry Potter games). It combines all the fun elements of the others and the range of characters that you can control is just massive – as is the whole game!

In my opinion the unlockable characters in Lego Marvel Superheroes are definitely one of its main strengths. The game features the main characters from a huge range of Marvel comics – and that says it all already. They are all main characters! So every fan will find many of his favourite heroes to choose from and it’s not just one series, but the whole lot. I am a huge fan of superhero films and cross overs in general and maybe that’s why I really love the Avengers concept as a whole.

So my personal favourite characters in the game are Johnny Storm, Iron Man, Magneto and Phoenix. Their controls feel very nice, I think. The flying characters are pretty awesome. I mean – flying! And you are controlling them! I do get overexcited about these things, but those who like  Lego games, will understand. I think. I hope 🙂 The only drawback – the flying controls can be very counter intuitive and leave you raging at the stupid air races against the Silver Surfer. Oh well…

Another amazing thing about Lego Marvel Superheroes is the incredbly huge open world. It’s a superhero style model of New York City, which is quite cool. With Liberty Island, China Town, Stark Tower, the Empire State Building, the Underground (!), the Baxter Building and everything. And this time it’s not just about running around and finding the Golden Bricks, but you also need to use the flying abilities to check on top of buildings – quests could be everywhere. And at every corner you meet new (read: well-loved) Marvel characters. For example you will also find the Guardians of the Galaxy hanging around, Ant-Man, various X-Men, other Iron Man suits and and and – and that’s all in addition to the main movie stars that you unlock in story mode.

Speaking of story mode, this is a really fun, engaging and typical superhero plot. This time the villains unite, so Avengers from everywhere have to assemble to find out what they are planning to stop them. But in the end they all face a greater threat than they feared – how are they going to save the earth from destruction this time? The game uses really fitting voices as well to get the characters across. Deadpool can be so annoying – in a good way. He is also the one that basically hoards Red Bricks in this game and they can be found across the massive open world in special Deadpool/Red Brick levels.

Overall, this game is marked – like all Lego games – by its cheekiness and humour. It is always apparent that the studio brought people together that are huge fans and that makes all the difference. So you will find many references or Easter Eggs across the game. And to be honest I probably didn’t even get half of them… I still love “Stan Lee in Peril” – he is in every level, waiting for you to rescue him, so he can have his cameo in that level 😀 What a great idea!

All in all Lego Marvel Superheroes is for me one of the best Lego games there is – amazing range of characters with great abilities (flying!), sheer endless playing time (as usual), really cool open world (Lego sightseeing, here I come!), fun story mode (I love Loki dissing Doctor Doom) and utterly addictive (as usual). I’m sure any Marvel fan will be delighted!


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