Film Review: The Princess Bride

 What an utterly charming film! The Princess Bride is a perfect family fairy tale flick – truly for all ages. I only saw it for the first time this week and I almost regret that it took me so long!

I had heard it’s a very good film and despite loving fantasy films (and slightly trashy fantasy films like the mini-series Merlin with Sam Neill), seeing disconncted footage of The Princess Bride put me off for a while. How wrong I had been! Yes, it looks a little cheap in places, but this film has heart and soul. And that’s what modern films often lack nowadays.

The actors are all perfectly cast and it’s quite a merry group. It’s very easy to get fond of them. I never knew Cary Elwes did princess saving – but he does it excellently 🙂 Robin Wright gets the devotion and tragic passion just right – really lovely. Storywise she could have done more than be a damsel in distress, but that’s the writers’ fault. Inigo Montoya is brilliant – what a star! 🙂 Fezzik is such a nice guy as well – just a fun group in general! And the antagonists are spot on nasty. Oh, and that pwiest is hilawious 😀

I was actually surprised at the expert swordsfighting. Quite impressive! They definitely nailed that choreography. In my opinion that was a better fight than in many modern films. And I love the locations – the forests and the castle. I discovered that the castle isn’t too far from where I live, so I will definitely go and see it at some point.

Next to all of this I actually like the overall tone of The Princess Bride. It’s in between fairy tale romance and comedy. The ROUS (Rodents of Unusual Size) totally got me 😀 How do you come up with that?! Also Cary Elwes is brilliant at pretending he’s got no strength. Some comedy gold 😀 The writing itself isn’t flawless – the part where Inigo finds out where Westley is seems very random. But it all works, as we are constantly reminded it’s a children’s book and we are therefore prepared to make allowances and suspend our disbelief.

The grandfather-grandson relationship holds the film together and gives it a very warm and loving touch. That’s where the soul comes into the film from the start. The plain naïvety of the writing and the childish belief in Happy Endings and True Love is simply heartwarming and uplifting. No cnynicism, just plain fun storytelling with a good deal of humour.

The Princess Bride is definitely a great addition to anyone’s DVD collection. I love the fact that even though it’s an old (borderline trashy) film it makes up for that in so many ways. The most important is that the film has true spirit behind it and it’s actually not about getting the best action shot, but about the characters and the naïve storytelling. So for everyone looking for a nice fairy tale, The Princess Bride will bring you great joy.


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