Game Review: The Room 3

This does everything right as a game. It is 100% interactive, difficult but not frustrating, intelligent and layered, perfectly adapted to its medium (iPad/Touchscreen) and it sports a very appealing overall look, design and setting. The Room 3 is a perfect sequel and stand-alone game at the same time.

I played the first two games from the series on my parents’ iPad, as I don’t own one myself, and it was the same for The Room 3. For those of you who haven’t heard of the game yet, it’s basically a puzzle and riddle game with gothic and occult elements. The whole design, look and sound of the experience is of an extremely high quality and it’s very easy to get lost in the soundscape and interactive environment. Each sequel has brought something new to the table so far, and while it always retains what was amazing about the previous game, it’s never a copy. There  is a certain logical development behind that.

I always think that the next installment will be easier for me, as I’m used to the style of the puzzles by now, but I’m still relying heavily on the advice that is unlocked step by step… If you want to solve everything without help, you can always do so, but you can also check on as many clues as you like. The great thing about the games is that the actual riddles to solve are always so different, that the gameplay doesn’t become repetetive. You think you got the pattern, but then you suddenly face a new and more difficult challenge.

The Room 3 especially feels much larger and sombre than its previous parts. There is a great mystery and the player is at the very heart of it, trying to see through the whole affair. And in particular trying to find out where the hell they are! There are actually a few different endings to this part, which I find very appealing. The first time round I only managed a bad ending… But I would  like to try again, when I get the chance.

No matter which part of The Room you are playing – you are in for a very special gaming experience! It will take all of your puzzle solving ability and logical thinking to get behind the mechanisms and mysteries that present themselves to you. But with a free choice of difficulty in-game, it will be perfect for fans of great atmosphere, interactive environment and expert puzzle-solvers alike. Goosebumps guaranteed!



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