Book Review: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is also one of my favourites from the series. Again I enjoy the plot twists a lot and a whole new perspective is opened: Harry’s present is affected by his parents’ past. When I first read the books I didn’t expect to learn more about his parents, so it was kind of a nice surprise to see there was so much more to the story than Harry and his friends at Hogwarts. It’s got a deep and meaningful background story as well.

In Harry Potter 3 I really like the main characters that are added to the cast. Not only are they important in the overall story, but they also help us see some characters in a different light. First of all Sirius Black. The build up and eventual plot twist concerning him works really well. And within a few pages he turns into a wonderful ally and one of my favourite characters. He is so passionate and loyal, a true friend and despite all that has happened proud and strong. I do believe he might be too reckless sometimes, but he’s definitely (also because of that!) a cool character. It’s so touching how much he cares about Harry – the only thing of his best friend left to him.

Remus Lupin is such a likable teacher as well. He just gets the balance between “serious” and “fun” just right. He’s quite drawn back, though, and that’s only natural given his story. He  is quite a tragic figure in the way he doesn’t want to let anyone close to him. Despite his sad story he is so supportive and he manages to inspire his pupils. Lupin is definitely a great addition to the cast as well.

So the new characters cast a different light on Snape for example. His grudge for Harry  roots much deeper than the reader thought at first. He’s not a cheerful or a likable man as such (BUT one of my favourite characters 🙂 ), but you can see where some of his resentment comes from. He does like to overdo it, though… But his story and background still offer much more during the next books – as do the other characters. In any way, JK  Rowling has a perfect eye for characters and she always manages to make them so believable and alive.

Rowling also knows how to convey strong emotions. Longing for the past, longing for home & family, loyalty and friendship next to betrayal. The whole mix makes for some deeply emotional moments. JK Rowling taps into some very common themes and the way she tells them is simply touching and engaging. I think that is why so many people love the books – they find themselves and their feelings in them in one way or another.

The end of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban leaves us wanting for more again. We start seeing there is even more to Harry’s world than we thought at first and we start delving into the past and we become aware of how it has affected the present and how it might affect the future. We are expecting more depth and more mystery in the next instalment. And we won’t be disappointed…



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