One Year

It’s end of September again and it always makes me reflect on the year that has passed and the year that is to come. It’s September for me because that’s when I started University all those years ago and it has been the start of term during all my years at Uni. So naturally when summer slowly fades and lets autumn take over, I begin to think – blimely, another year over?

It’s strange. If you make plans and think about “a year” – it’s a huge thing. Studying, knowing you’ll be committing yourself to a subject for 3-4 years is a huge thing. But in hindsight – a year always goes by so fast. It takes some time to get used to the new year and before you know it, it’s March. And while you work-eat-sleep it’s suddenly June and you wonder how that happened. When you start thinking about Christmas plans (it’s important to get the logistics right 😉 ), it’s probably September already. And then you think you are well ahead with Christmas presents, but suddenly you find yourself looking for last-minute gifts before all the shops close for the festive season. It’s crazy how short AND long a year can be.

Probably it’s because a year itself is too large to be experienced as a whole. It is chunks of big and small adventures, everyday life, discoveries, struggles, special moments – and all of it happens in one year. In the end we can only look back on something in hindsight. And that’s what makes it short, I guess. It’s all done. It’s memory. And  a new year is ahead of us.

What can feel much longer is an actual day. Sometimes the hours just whizz past, but then there are those days… Every minute takes ages, nothing really seems to progress, everything seems to stand still. Or those weeks that simply won’t go away. We feel that a bit more acutely, because it’s all a bit closer to what we experience. Looking back on a Saturday on the week, you still remember that difficult Wednesday. It can still be quite present, even though it’s in the past.

Looking back a year – well, you simply see the highlights. But you don’t always know what your highlights at the end of the year are going to be. So it’s always quite exciting – looking back – and looking ahead. Expecting the unexpected. Looking forward to next year’s highlights.




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I’m someone who feels at home in the night sky, on the road and inside imagination.
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