Game Review: Lego Star Wars – The Complete Saga

My latest foray into the Lego world is the Xbox 360 version of Lego Star Wars – The Complete Saga. While I think Jedis and droids are perfect for being adapted as a Lego game, I couldn’t help but feel, that this game doesn’t quite live up to the usual Lego game standards. But that might simply be my personal gaming experience.

Of course the game is good fun and the abilities picked out for individual characters make sense and are mostly intuitive. It was also nice to see some variety in level design with normal character levels and spaceship levels. Unfortunately the cut-sequences felt very pointless. They are never brilliant, but in this case I really didn’t mind skipping them. In general the graphics were nice and you could see quite a few details in the level design that were taken straight from the films.

However I felt this Lego game was more frustrating than other in the series. Often I found myself overwhelmed (yes, in a Lego game…) by too many raging enemies and they also spawned again way too fast. Of course everything works better when all the extras are unlocked, like Fast Build or my favourite Perfect Deflet. The fact is not new, but I don’t think I’ve ever been so delighted to unlock Invincibility.

I am at just over 80% at the moment and usually I would take the opportunity and finish the game over weekend. I wanted to, but then I discovered I would need to play every level again at least twice to get blue minikits in challenge mode and the superstory playthrough. Just no. That is some lazy game design compared to the other Lego titles. I know it’s one of the first ones and I can see the developers’ point, as they try to make the most of the levels they have designed, but it simply feels unecessarily drawn out. Especially because Red Brick power extras aren’t allowed, at least the challenge mode. And that just draws things out again… I think it’s down to the game design in general – Lego Star Wars doesn’t have a real overworld, only a hub, so there is only limited possibility.

I’m glad I played it so far, but 100% are painful. I got 100% on the other games I played (still working on Lego Marvel, but I only get to play that once in a while). 100% are always a challenge and collectibles in individual levels or overworld challenges can get very frustrating, but usually the game is varied enough to make you try again after going for a different challenge. I will put Lego Star Wars aside now and come back to it now and again and hope to get to 100% in time. It’s a shame the last bit is so lazy – it does spoil the fun a little.

All in all, this is good fun for any Star Wars fan. The host of characters and lovingly recreated environments really take you into a galaxy far, far away, but the Star Wars-theme has very strong video game competiton in general. I for my part would still stick to Knights of the Old Republic and will try out Force Unleashed soon. On my Lego list I also have Lego Star Wars – The Force Awakens down – let’s hope it lives up to the usually high Lego standards a bit more.


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